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Hue Lotus Homestay

Unique accommodation in Hue

Nestled between a large campus and an organic vegetable farm adjacent to traditional villages, our homestay gives customers unique cultural experiences while enjoying the local traditional culture that comes with it. modern conveniences. Enjoy meals of traditional origin, from the culture here

Hue Lotus Homestay is conveniently located not far from the city center, offering a perfect getaway and relaxing experience after a hard working day.

What to expect when you stay?


Hue Lotus Homestay offers 3 types of on-site rooms with different options of Cottages, Single Room, Double Room – including free breakfast. Vietnamese-style dinners will be provided upon request.

Each room is equipped with basic equipment: Wi-Fi, TV, air conditioner, drinking water, towels, toothbrushes and soaps …

If you need to get into the city and get around, you can choose the eco-friendly option and ride one of our bicycles along the lovely 3km riverside trip, or the lovely female receptionist of We (sounds like someone) can arrange for a motorbike to drop or take a taxi. The receptionist can assist you with any questions you may have about what to do in Hue, how to get to the center or any other location. She will also happily arrange for any of your needs.

During our family-style breakfast and dinner, you will have the opportunity to interact with other travelers in a relaxing environment, talk to life and learn more about the local culture from the team. Our friendly staff.


Room size 15 m². Room facilities: Wi-Fi, fan, free toiletries. General hygiene.
Price: 195.000 VND

Single room

Room size 25 m². Room facilities: Shower, bathtub, TV, air conditioning, free toiletries.
Price: 260.000 VND

Outdoor double room

Room size 25 m². Room facilities: Bathroom, TV, Air-conditioner, Free toiletries.
Price: 420.000 VND

Double room in the house

Room size 25 m². Room facilities: Shower, bathtub, TV, air conditioning, free toiletries.
Price: 460.000 VND