Hue Lotus Homestay

Homestay experience Hue

Located at 78 Minh Mang Street, close to the city center, and close to the famous tombs of the Kings of the Kings from Hue centuries ago, Hue Lotus Homestay is a great place to meet. and satisfy both the essentials: convenience and diverse travel.
03km from city center, 03-08km historic sites

Come to Hue Lotus Homestay, you will have the opportunity to discover what !?

– The first is the concentrated area of ​​traditional Hue occupations: tourists can experience and explore unique and sophisticated handicrafts from lotus, bamboo, frankincense and some special products. colors from Lavin Home confetti, pictures of Sinh village … v..v … Especially, visitors will be able to make their own products under the guidance of famous artisans of Hue …

– Next is the ancient church … you will see firsthand one of the places where the emperor worships the Royal Highnesses of Kinh Kinh … here, you will also learn about the Motherhood and participate. The Most Virtue Ceremony (“The Mother Goddess of Worship” recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage) … learned about Buddhism, about the traditional worshiping practices kept from generation to generation … take photos of royal costumes, buy beautiful souvenirs bearing the Hue character.

– In the premises of Hue Lotus, you can also leisurely explore the clean vegetable garden and join hands to cultivate yourself … peanuts in an orchard with diverse categories such as jackfruit, guava, toad, Mango, Mang Cau, Trang Bi, Avocado, Plum, etc. are visiting the incubator for breeding chickens of all kinds, including rare and precious chickens such as: Quy Phi, Tien Vua, Chin Cay …v … v …

– Join tours and local experience with a shuttle service to take place including at the airport, visiting, exploring the sights … Hue Lotus also has a car rental service for guests to go. Again, learn and integrate into the life of Hue people.

– You can also experience the modern resort rooms in Hue campus

Hue Lotus Homestay is pleased to welcome and serve you.

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free parking
  • 24-hour front desk